Why shoulD I GIVE To vision builders? I already tithe on a regular basis

The gift you give to Vision Builders is considered an offering—an amount that you give above and beyond your tithe. Tithes support the basic functions of the church such as salaries, marketing, and events. Gifts given to Vision Builders have a restricted use for facilities-related expenses. Giving an offering to Vision Builders is an opportunity for you to partner with the rest of your church family as we continue to invest in spaces that will touch lives in New York City.

What if I haven’t completed my pledge from a previous Vision Builders campaign?

 We encourage everyone to commit to realistic pledges. That said, we recognize that many factors can prevent you from completing your pledge. We encourage you to carry over any existing pledges before making a new pledge for 2019-20. The timeframe in which you complete a pledge is less important than the act of fulfilling the commitment. If you feel that your pledge is no longer realistic or you feel called to start over with a new pledge in 2019, we encourage you to discuss with your Connect Group leader or the Vision Builders Team.

How is the money managed?

The Vision Builders funds are held in a separate interest bearing account that are low risk and readily accessible.

Are there restrictions on the use of the money that is given towards Vision Builders?


Yes. The money given towards Vision Builders is set aside in an account separate from any other tithes or offerings given to the church and is only used toward expenses that involve the physical housing and equipping of the church. These expenses could include down payment for the purchase of a building or office space, security deposits for space rental, costs to improve a space, and rents to secure various venues including Sunday service space. Our desire is to maintain as much of the fund as possible for securing ownership of space.

Will I receive a tax benefit when I give to Vision Builders?

Donations to the Vision Builders fund are tax deductible. Generally, the total of your charitable contributions deduction may be limited to a percentage of your adjusted gross income. Each individual’s tax position is different; check with your accountant to determine the level of your tax benefit.

Can I give stocks or other investments to the Vision Builders campaign?


Yes, you can contribute property such as stocks or other investments to the Vision Builders campaign. The amount of your contribution is generally the fair market value of the property at the time of the contribution. Your tax deduction, however, may differ depending on the type of property and whether the property has increased or decreased in value. Please consult your accountant for your specific situation as there are additional records requirements when making non-cash contributions.